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Overtek develops high-tech products with a modern design and an excellent cost/benefit ratio, aimed at internet providers. Its products guarantee a superior experience, increasing the profitability and quality of services, especially in areas far from the capitals, standing out for their high technology, modern design and excellent cost/benefit ratio.

ISP Shop

Specializing in B2B e-commerce, ISP Shop offers products for internet providers with ISO 9001 certification. Known for its excellent service, since 2009 it has been providing high quality technology at affordable prices, offering ISO 9001 certification, excellent service and high quality at affordable prices.

KMD Imports

Focused on Shooting Sports, KMD Imports supplies high quality and performance products. With a wide network of dealers, it offers great value for money and the latest innovations on the market, with an emphasis on high quality and performance products, great value for money and national distribution.


Baiten, a new member of the Kamide Group, operates in the Shooting Sports and Outdoor Activities segment. Representing brands such as Nova Vista, it prioritizes product quality and customer service, seeking trust and credibility, offering exclusive quality products, representation of renowned brands and a focus on trust and credibility.

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